Annual Report

Human rights and impact in society

Supervising compliance

The Viscofan Group demonstrates its support and contribution to the dissemination and respect of human rights through three channels:  

  • Since 2015 Viscofan has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative of the UN. Viscofan was the first of the companies in its sector to sign it, motivated by its desire to contribute to the well-being of people and promote the economic, environmental and social development of the communities in which it is present.

  • The company's Human Rights Policy is based on the principles of: universality, progressivity, integrity and complementarity, inalienability, transnationality and international protection. Through this policy, the Viscofan Group undertakes to respect human rights in all its activities, anywhere in the world.

  • In its Code of Conduct, Viscofan establishes that all Group employees, within their scope of action, must contribute to respecting and protecting human rights, especially child exploitation, and must avoid any conduct detected on the job which is contrary to their tenets.

To achieve these human rights objectives, Viscofan has an specific Ethics and Regulatory Compliance Committee that is responsible for opening, on its own account or at the request of a third party, the investigation of any situation that may give rise to a risk for the Group, as a result of a breach of the internal regulations or any other circumstance. To this end, Viscofan also has a Whistleblower Channel accessible to all employees where they can report any sign of conduct they consider to be a possible risk. This channel is available at Vinsite (internal communication platform for Viscofan Group employees), although complaints can also be sent to the Ethics and Regulatory Compliance Committee by e-mail or by post to the Group's headquarters in Navarra. No cases of human rights violations were reported in 2019 and, specifically, nor has any case of forced labour or child exploitation been registered through the whistleblowing channel.

Further, with a view to strengthening this defence and protection of human rights, this risk has been specifically included by the Global Risk Committee in its risk matrix so as to detect any breach thereof.

Also, Viscofan understands that training in human rights is a fundamental tool for raising employees' awareness in this area. In 2019, 2,506 hours were devoted to human rights training (compared to 2,247 hours the previous year). 

  2019       2018
Training in Human Rights Men Women Total       Hombre Mujer Total
Training hours 1.588 575 2.163       1.577 670 2.247
% over total hours of training 1,8% 1,4% 1,7%       1,9% 2,0% 2,0%

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